Workplace Environment

Our Working space

The Secomus office is roomy, allowing you to concentrate on your job in peace. However, there is also room for you to take a breather from all the work or speak with your co-workers

Our facilities

Secomus can offer you the tools you need to guarantee the success of your work for each individual assignment. As a tech firm, we place a high priority on upgrading the tools necessary for our work in order to improve employee productivity.

Humans Resources

Our core values

One of the most significant aspects of Secomus’s working culture is personality variety. We think that this will lead to many innovative ideas and ground-breaking solutions for Secomus.

In light of this, we are also concerned with how our workers’ personalities are developing. Each new step a worker takes to better themselves is a small but crucial step for the business as a whole.

Our people

With diversity at the top of our list of goals, Secomus’ workplace has evolved into a melting pot of wonderful personalities, brilliant ideas, and creative individuals!

Working with Secomus, we can assure you that you’ll make some new wonderful friends as well as great coworkers.

Our workplace culture

Our organization strives to provide a stress-free work atmosphere while maintaining productivity. Teamwork is always our top priority since each responsible, productive team member contributes to a strong, close-knit company. Teamwork makes the dream come true!

Our events/activities 

At Secomus, we value exploring new experiences as well as having fun. This is why we often provide enjoyable activities for our employees so that they may not only pick up new skills but also gain a deeper understanding of one another.

Our welfare and policies


Apparent remuneration regime with promising bonus/ commission

Other allowances for each specific working positions

Benefits about disability protection, health insurance, vacation, sick days, paid time off (PTO), maternity leave, and any other benefits.

A well-defined career path

Events, team-building activities, company trips (once/twice a year)