#Secomus is a Technology startup, currently developing projects to serve e-commerce websites on the #Shopify platform for customers from the US, Canada and European countries. Secomus always welcomes all qualified candidates with the best remuneration and benefits!



Job description:

  • Developing applications on Shopify e-commerce platform.
  • Participating in project feature development (features require both frontend and backend skills).
  • Optimizing application performance (page speed, request, loading, mysql).
  • Learning new technologies to improve project quality.
  • Being responsible for completing the work on schedule and ensuring quality.
  • Reporting work to project manager.




  • Proficient in PHP/Laravel, JS,
  • Understand MVC Framework, ORM, RESTful, OOP, Design Pattern.
  • Experience working with HTML/CSS, JS/JQuery, MySQL, Design Database.
  • Write clean code, easy to understand and maintain, strict convention.
  • Ability to use git, linux.
  • English reading comprehension.
  • Knowledge of algorithms and high logic is preferred.




  • Sponsored Zumba class with a 4-star coach.
  • Sponsored Gym/muscle training classes with 4-star coaches.
  • Tea break sessions in the afternoons with the company.
  • Join the company’s learning program on e-commerce, UX/UI, customer support, growth mindset, etc.
  • Learn and apply methods/tools for work such as: Kanban, Scrum, etc.
  • Traveling once a year, and other periodic picnics and team building activities.
  • Full insurance.
  • Project progress bonus, 13th month salary, Lunar New Year bonus.
  • Salary review every 6 months.
  • Furlough and holidays in accordance with current regulations.
  • Young, dynamic, comfortable, and fast-growing working environment.
  • Salary up to 15 million VND.



Job Application:

Please send CV to email address: jobs@secomus.com

Email subject: Apply for Junior PHP/Laravel Developer – Full Name

CV file name: CV_JuniorPHP/LaravelDev_Full Name

Address: V4.4-4 – Home City Building – 177 Trung Kinh – Hanoi.



Comments of members when working at Secomus:

Phan Thi Ha My – Marketing team:

“Secomus feels like home. The members work together, instruct each other, eat together, and do everything under the same roof. Because there are not too many members, the feeling is extremely warm and close, and I can confirm that there’s nowhere else in which the employees have been cared that much by the big boss. The environment is also the best: weekly snacks, monthly birthday parties. Spacious workspace, a few steps to the garden full of greenery, various restaurants around. In short, it’s a lovely place and worthy of traveling 26km a day to work!”


Bui Tien Vinh – Developer team:

“The company environment is young and professional, suitable for those who want to learn. The bosses are comfortable, thoughtful, and caring for employees. Working without feeling constrained. The office is open and airy. No overtime. Afternoon snacks. Great remuneration, annual travelling to luxury resorts, monthly birthday parties, year-round events and team building occasions.”


Nguyen Thi Tra My – Accountant:

“Secomus is a friendly, fun and sociable working environment. The company has a very good learning and training environment; young, dynamic, and enthusiastic employees… Everyone in the company considers each other as family members. In particular, the bosses are extremely thoughtful. In addition to a good salary, the company also has many benefits for employees (travel, teambuilding, Zumba practice, swimming…). I myself feel proud to be a small member of the big family and I want to stick around and contribute more to Secomus.”


Nguyen Thi Huong Giang – Marketing team:

“When I first came to Secomus, I was surprised because everyone was unexpectedly nice and friendly. Although I was a newbie and still very young at work, my coworkers were very dedicated to teaching me. Not only the employees, but the bosses are also very easygoing and sociable. This is the first company that makes me feel very comfortable and not constrained. In addition, the company is very concerned about the health of employees, taking care of us so much that after 2 months working here, I have gained 2 kg 😂. I hope to stay with Secomus for a long time. Love everyone ❤️.”


Tong Manh Long – Technical Supporter Team:

“Comfortable working space and time. My coworkers are happy and sociable, the atmosphere is like a big family. If you do not bring lunch, you will have the chance to explore every food stalls around the company with Mr. Long every day.”


Nguyen Tra My – Marketing Team:

“Everyone at the company is extremely friendly and fun, I was impressed from the first day I came to the company. The bosses are very nice and always know how to motivate employees. The only thing I don’t like is that the company offers too much food, about 3-4 times a week, so I was called “chubby” by everyone compared to when I first joined, but due to the temptation of food and seeing everyone having so much fun, I couldn’t help it :v”


Pham The Phong – Developer Team:

“I have only been here for over 2 months. Each person is assigned a personal computer. The company atmosphere is fun, all young people working together. Bosses also very friendly. The working space is spacious, airy, not constrained. Employees are welcomed to contribute and suggest ideas. Especially, afternoon snacks available almost every day so I get much fatter.”


Nguyen Thanh Ly – Marketing Team:

  • “Young and comfortable working environment without stress.
  • Thoughtful bosses, fun and friendly co-workers.
  • Afternoon snacks often available 😋.
  • Company encourages and facilitates employees to participate in sports.”